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Ewa Timek, MD

Ewa Komorowska-Timek, M.D. specializes in plastic surgery, including cosmetic, reconstructive, and microsurgical procedures. Dr. Timek performs highly sought-after cosmetic procedures such as Lipo 360, Fat Transfer to the Face and Body, Brazilian Butt Lifts, and Natural Augmentation. She is considered a leader in reconstructive microsurgical techniques, which enables her to offer a wide variety of Breast Reconstructive options, including DIEP, SIEA, and LICAP Flap procedures.

Dr. Ewa Timek getting ready for seeing a patient

Dr. Timek performs cosmetic procedures of the face and body including upper and lower blepharoplasty, brow lift, facelift, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and body contouring, particularly after weight loss. Dr. Timek also offers minimally invasive cosmetic techniques such as Botox and injectable fillers.

Dr. Timek is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine. She finished her training in plastic surgery at Loma Linda University, California where she stayed on staff to earn Board Certification in Plastic Surgery. Subsequently Dr. Timek returned to Stanford to complete a fellowship in microsurgery and then joined the academic faculty. Throughout the years she also served as principal investigator of various research projects which resulted in multiple publications. Dr. Timek is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the American Society of Reconstruction Microsurgery (ASRM), and serves on the editorial boards of the Microsurgery Journal and Annals of Plastic Surgery.

Ewa Timek, MD

Originally from Poland, Dr. Timek enjoys West Michigan for its four seasons, the people, the professional opportunities, and educational opportunities the community has to offer. Dr. Timek is married to Dr. Tomasz Timek, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and they have five children. She enjoys photography and swimming in her spare time.

4/2022 – Active Member, Michigan Academy of Plastic Surgeons
1/2019 – Associate Editor, Annals of Plastic Surgery
1/2014 -12/2015 – Division Chief, Section of Plastic Surgery, Spectrum Health Hospitals
11/2011-1/201 – Adjunct Assistant Professor, Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, MI
7/2011-2/2020 – Clinical Advisor, Microvascular Surgery and Lymphedema Program, Spectrum Health Medical Center, Grand Rapids, MI
1/2011 – Active Member, American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery
4/2010 – Active Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons
12/2009 – Clinical Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine
12/2009 – Member of the Editorial Board, Annals of Plastic Surgery
12/2007 – Reviewer, Microsurgery Journal
8/2007-7/2009 – Clinical Instructor, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Stanford University, CA
8/2006-7/2007 – Clinical Instructor, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Loma Linda University, CA
2022 – Second Place Abstract Presentation, “To ADM or Not ADM: Outcomes of Prepectoral Prosthetic Reconstruction After Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy with and Without Acellular Dermal Matrix”, Michigan Academy of Plastic Surgeons, Mackinac Island, MI
2022 – Third Place Abstract Presentation, “Correction of Breast Ptosis in Immediate Breast Reconstruction After Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy,” Michigan Academy of Plastic Surgeons, Mackinac Island, MI
2016 – Reconstructive Surgeon of the Year Award, Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners, Michigan State University
2015 – Spectrum Health Office of Research Administration Investigator-Initiated Research Grant , “Fat Grafting and its Effects on Tissues in Irradiated Tissue Expanders: An Animal Model”
2013 – Novadaq Educational Grant, “The use of SPY in lymphatic microsurgery”
2012 – Spectrum Research Foundation Research Grant, “Survival and revascularization of human fat grafts”
2011 – Synovis Educational Grant, “Microsurgical treatment of lymphedema”
2011 – LifeCell Corporation Educational Grant, “The application of indocyanine green (SPY) lymphatic mapping in supramicrosurgical treatment of lymphedema”
2009 – Doctorate Degree, Division of Plastic Surgery, Wroclaw Medical Academy, Wroclaw, Poland
2008 – Clinical Presentation Prize at the Stanford Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery First Annual Resident and Fellow Research Day
2004 – LifeCell Corporation Research Grant, “The role of Alloderm in radiation-induced peri-prosthetic capsule formation”
2004 – The Frank R. Rogers, MD, MBA Academic Achievement Award
2003 – Clinical Presentation Prize at the Loma Linda Department of Surgery First Annual Resident Research Day
2001 – The Frank R. Rogers, MD, MBA Academic Achievement Award
2001 – Resident Scientific Paper Prize at California Society of Plastic Surgeons 51st Annual Meeting
1999 – Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarship
1999 – Alumni Award at the Sixteenth Annual Stanford Medical Student Research Symposium
1998-1999 – Medical Scholars Research Grant, Stanford University School of Medicine
1996-1997 – Polish Ministry of Health Scholarship for Academic Excellence
1996-1997 – Jagiellonian University Medical Faculty Scholarship for Academic Excellence
1996-1998- European Education Foundation Fellowship for Summer Study Abroad at Antwerpen University Medical School, Antwerp, Belgium
1995-1996 – Jagiellonian University Medical Faculty Scholarship for Academic Excellence
1996-1997 – European Education Foundation Fellowship for Summer Study Abroad at Lyon University Medical School, Lyon, France
1994-1995 – Jagiellonian University Medical Faculty Scholarship for Academic Excellence
1994-1995 – Jagiellonian University Exchange Fellowship for Summer Study at Bochum Medical School, Bochum, Germany
1994-1995 – Polish Ministry of Health Scholarship for Academic Excellence
2007-2008 – Microsurgery Fellowship Stanford University, CA
2000-2006 – Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Program Loma Linda University, CA
1998-2000 – Stanford University School of Medicine – M.D. (6/2000)
1997-1998 – Microsurgical Research Fellow, Buncke Microsurgical Laboratory, San Francisco, CA
1991-1997 – Jagiellonian University Medical School, Krakow, Poland – Medical Diploma – GPA- 4.83 ( 2-5 grade scale )
1987- 1991 – King Jan Sobieski Gymnasium, Krakow, Poland – Baccalaureate – Final Examination GPA- 5.0 ( 2-5 grade scale )
11/2007 – American Board of Plastic Surgery
4/2010 – Active Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons
1/2011 – Active Member, American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery
4/2020 – American Board of Plastic Surgery – recertification
4/2022 – Active Member, Michigan Academy of Plastic Surgeons
9/94-10/94 Department of Face, Jaw and Oral Cavity Surgery, Bochum University, Bochum, Germany
6/95-7/95 Department of Maxillo-Facial and Aesthetic Surgery, Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, Lyon, France
5/96-7/96 Department of Plastic Surgery, Antwerpen University, Antwerp, Belgium
7/2011 – Lymphaticovenous microsurgery in lymphedema treatment. University of Gonoa, Italy
3/2012 – Supramicrosurgery in lymphaticovenous bypass and lymph node transfer surgery for lymphedema. University of Tokio, Japan.
11/11-1/16 Van Andel Institute
11/09- Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine
8/08-7/09 Stanford University Medical Center
7/04-7/07 Loma Linda University School of Medicine
9/97-6/00 Buncke Microsurgical Laboratory, California Pacific Medical Center, Davies Campus, San Francisco, CA.
1/98-6/98 Rehabilitation Research and Development Center, Palo Alto VA Hospital, Palo Alto, CA.
“Outpatient autologous tissue transfer as an alternative to implants in breast reconstruction.”
“Reclaiming the waste lands: the role of fat grafting in reinvigorating radiated breast skin before free tissue reconstruction.”
“Lymphaticovenous microsurgery for lymphedema”
“The use of quilting sutures in pectoralis advancement flaps in sternal reconstruction for seroma prevention”
“Outcomes of miocroneedling radiofrequency treatment”
“The effect of laser vaginal treatment on vaginal health, sexual satisfaction and urinary incontinence”
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