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Dramatic weight fluctuations that come from pregnancy, drastic weight loss, or even old age can have an impact on your body, resulting in sagging skin below the waistline. Even if you are currently properly dieting and exercising, this loose skin is difficult to get rid of. At Advanced Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide our Grand Rapids patients with the best Lower Body Lift results in the area. If you currently have loose, sagging skin that you would like to remove, you should continue reading below to learn more about this increasingly popular procedure.

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What is a Lower Body Lift?

The Lower Body Lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is a surgical, aesthetic procedure that tightens loose, sagging skin in the buttocks, posterior thighs, hips, outer thighs, and anterior thighs. 

Each patient’s anatomy and proportions of loose skin vary from individual to individual. The decision to utilize lower body lifting techniques depends upon your goals and expectations as well as an examination by Dr. Timek. This will help determine whether the lower body lift will achieve a satisfactory outcome for you.

What are the Benefits of Lower Body Lift?

Our Lower Body Lift patients in Grand Rapids have seen the following benefits from their surgery:

  • Eliminates painful chafing, rashes, and infections from overhanging skin
  • Improves your self-image and self-confidence
  • Look better in clothes
  • Removes excess fat or skin
  • Reveals the results of your weight loss
  • Tightens loose and sagging skin

Who are the Best Candidates for Lower Body Lift?

At Advanced Plastic Surgery, we feel the best candidates for a Belt Lipectomy in Grand Rapids are patients who have the following characteristics:

  • Are at a stable weight
  • Excess skin or tissue along their lower torso
  • Have had significant weight loss
  • In overall good health with no conditions that may impede healing
  • Maintain a positive outlook
  • Nonsmoker
  • Realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the procedure
“Regain an active lifestyle.”

– Ewa Timek, MD


What’s The First Step?


The first step in getting a Lower Body Lift in Grand Rapids, MI is to contact Advanced Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation with Dr. Timek. When you come in for your appointment, you will receive a full examination and be able to ask any questions that you may have. Dr. Timek will also ask you about your medical history, during which time you should be open and very clear with her, as this information will help to reduce any risks or side effects that may occur during the surgery or while in recovery.

Once she has all the information she needs, Dr. Timek will craft your surgical plan. If you agree with her plan and choose to move forward with it, our Patient Coordinator will help you schedule the date and time of your surgery.


What to Expect on the Day of Lower Body Lift?

On the day of your Lower Body Lift, you will begin by receiving general anesthesia administered by one of our fellowship-trained Anesthesiologists. Once you have been sedated, Dr. Timek will begin your surgery.

Dr. Timek utilizes incisions that pass from the back around the hips to the front of the thighs. The loose skin, as well as underlying fat tissue, is removed from below the incision to allow suspension of the remaining tissues to stretch and smooth the lower body, especially the buttocks and thighs. It can be combined with an abdominal skin tightening if needed. If a previous tummy tuck has been performed or is not needed, the lower body lift can be extended to tighten the inner thighs. The incisions are designed to be hidden by clothing and sportswear or to lie in normally occurring anatomic folds.

Dr. Timek will finish up by closing your incisions using stitches, skin adhesives, or clips.

Lower Body Lift Recovery

After your Belt Lipectomy, Dr. Timek will apply bandages to your incisions to prevent unnecessary infection and may provide you with a tight-fitting garment that will help minimize swelling. A small, thin tube called a cannula will be left under your skin to help drain any fluids or blood that accumulates. You will be able to return home the same day as your surgery, however, it is always a good idea to have a family member or friend available to give you a ride home. 

As you recover, Dr. Timek will provide you with medications to fight infection and reduce any pain you will feel, as well as a list of instructions on how to have a more optimal recovery. We recommend taking it very easy, especially during the first week. To help reduce pressure on the incision, you should find a comfortable chair to sit in, rather than lying in a bed. You will need to change your bandages as necessary and manage the drainage, but Dr. Timek will provide you with as much information as possible on how to properly care for these things. 

You will need to avoid any heavy lifting or exercise for about six weeks, or until Dr. Timek says you are fine to begin light movements. You should also avoid complete wound submersion in tubs, pools, or any other body of water. You will be able to notice a difference in your torso’s appearance immediately after surgery, but there will be some swelling and bruising for a few weeks. Most of our patients can see their final results after a year as their skin and tissue settles into their final resting place.

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how much does a Lower Body Lift cost in grand rapids?

The cost of a Lower Body Lift in Grand Rapids will be determined by multiple factors, including the degree of change your torso will require and the techniques used to achieve that look. The best way to learn the full cost of your procedure is to come in for a consultation with Dr. TImek. After your surgical plan is created, our Patient Coordinator will provide you with a price breakdown for your surgery. 

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