By Dr. Ewa Timek

You’ve seen celebrities, influencers, musicians, and all kinds of pop culture icons do it. You may even know someone who has had it done! Though they sound daunting, muscle relaxers such as Botox, Juveau, and Dysport are safe and widely used products that allow the user to temporarily restore the smooth, tight, and younger look to many regions of the face.

How it works?

Muscle relaxers are chemically modified neurotoxins which paralyze the motion of facial muscles, thereby leaving them in a constant state of being relaxed. The way this presents itself on the face is through the skin. Wrinkles and lines are usually formed directly perpendicular to the direction in which a muscle contracts. Fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of age become minimally visible because of the relaxed muscle underneath.

Safe and effective solution

The idea of putting toxins into the skin sounds, well, toxic, but rest assured that these products are safe, effective, and can even reduce the formation of wrinkles over time. The product itself achieves its peak action at 8 days after injection and can last about 3-4 months, with some patients sustaining results up to 6 months.

The power of neurotoxins

Muscle relaxers can be injected into the forehead, between the eyes, above the eyebrows, into the chin, and around the eyes and mouth.  Some patients worry about appearing “plastic” and not being able to move their face. Though the main function of the product is to paralyze muscles, we never inject enough product to completely immobilize all the muscles of the face – only selected muscles are injected, just enough to smooth out the wrinkled skin overtop!

Trust your specialist

Dr. Timek is highly specialized in injecting muscle relaxers and has a keen eye for facial aesthetics. With her expertise, she will direct your cosmetic vision toward a result that is safe and natural in appearance. The changes will be subtle but noticeable, just enough to have you looking and feeling more youthful.  Apart from the cosmetic uses of muscle relaxers, they can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis.

Muscle relaxers and hyperhidrosis

This is a condition in which sweat glands produce too much sweat and cause discomfort in everyday life. The function of muscle relaxers to treat this condition is to block the nerve signals responsible for sweating which stops the sweat glands from overproducing perspiration. Retreatment is typically needed every 4-6 months as the nerves paralyzed by the muscle relaxer regenerate and regain function. If the treatment is repeated multiple times, the patient can go longer without needing more injections.

Try it!

Whether it be cosmetic use or treatment for hyperhidrosis, muscle relaxers have a variety of safe and non-toxic uses that produce subtle but significant effects. The many different muscle relaxer application sites, including forehead, eyes, mouth, and even armpits make it a useful product for rejuvenating the appearance of the skin and reducing effects of sweating. Muscle relaxers can also act as great “entry level” products for those looking to test out a temporary option before undergoing a surgical procedure of the face such as a facelift or blepharoplasty! Muscle relaxers can give you predictable results you deserve!